It’s out with the old and in with the new at McKechnie Field in Bradenton, at least when it comes to the Pittsburgh Pirates' clubhouse.

The Pirates are using a brand-new 22,500-square-foot facility at the historic downtown ballpark.

Trevor Gooby, director of Florida Operations for the Pirates, says it's nothing like the old building.

“McKechnie was built in 1923, and the clubhouse was probably built right after the stadium was built, so it was the oldest part of McKechnie Field," he said.

The building was finished just this week, and already the Pirates jerseys are hanging in the room for the start of full squad workouts. The walls have the numbers of retired players, dates of victorious championships and a quote from Pirates legend Roberto Clemente.

"When I put on my uniform, I feel I am the proudest man on earth."

Other areas have a weightroom, rehab center and two hydrogen pools.

The $6.5 million facility was funded by the Pirates. Many of the ballplayers haven't seen it yet.

“They are going to be thrilled," Gooby said, "And it's really neat with all of the different graphics we have up. Photos ... We have all the little touches that we have in the lockers. They are going to be really wowed with what we have here.”