Two University of Tampa students’ short film was just accepted into one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

Forzia Coppia is a name you should get used to hearing. It means "power couple" and the name fits this University of Tampa duo.

So it's only right they give the name to their production company after they began making award winning films.    

"I was watching a lot of Tarantino movies over break and I got inspired, especially by Reservoir Dogs,” said Travis Misarti, filmmaker.

Tarantino inspired Misarti to write the movie "Tea Time" about a heist that goes unexpectedly.

But the real surprise is where it's taking the student directors.

First they won a trip to Hollywood for the film and now they're headed to Cannes International Film Festival to debut their work.

"We really talked about this last year saying "we're going to be this power couple that goes to France and then we actually got it, we were like what this can't be real, is this a glitch?" said Alexandra DiGiacomo, co-director.

It's not a glitch...they're headed to the big time!

"Oh my, I was in class and I was freaking out. I was on break and I saw (Alexandra) in the hallway and I was like we just got invited to Cannes!" Misarti said.

Even though the two have reserved their spots on the red carpet, it won't be cheap for them to get there. For the flights and the two week stay at the festival in France, it'll cost the students $10,000."

The two have started a gofundme page to help cut their cost for their trip and they're hoping to get support -- to help put UT on the international film map.

"It's a very expensive trip so really any contribution people can make will be amazing. Even five dollars, every dollar counts,” Misarti said.

"I'm just really proud and at the same time really excited. I think it's an honor to go there,” said DiGiacomo.

The Cannes Film Festival runs May 13th through the 24th.