Residents of a Polk County senior's community are staying connected with a younger generation by awarding college scholarships.

The Hamptons community along Highway 92 in Auburndale will be presenting 21 students with $3,000 scholarships on Monday.

The money for the scholarships is raised through the Hamptons Educational Foundation. Park residents raise the money with fundraisers that include poker runs and selling cookies.

"But it's really, really important that we keep in contact with the younger generation," said Secretary Nancy Barry.

She said foundation members interview local high school seniors who have a financial need and who have done well in school.

One of the students getting a scholarship this year is Auburndale High School senior Joey Ragusa. He will be the first person in his family to attend college.

"I have worked extremely hard. I have had all-nighters studying for AP classes," he said.

Ragusa expects to graduate in the top two percent of his class of more than 300 students. He hopes to study clinical pathology in college and get a doctorate.

The Hamptons Educational Foundation has raised more than $300,000 for scholarships over the past five years.

"They say the children are the future and that's pretty clear," said Berry.

Foundation members say in contact with students after they go off to college. That is something Ragusa is looking forward to.

“They are going to treat me as a grandparent and grandson relationship which I am looking forward to," he said.

The Hamptons Educational Foundation will hand out the scholarships to the students on Monday evening.