The teen who once stood before a St. Petersburg congregation and pleaded for someone to adopt him has finally gotten his forever home.

Davion Only-Going, 17, has spent his entire life going from one foster home to the other -- more than 20 in all.

The teen finally has his own bedroom in his forever home.

"I have freedom, like I can do anything that a normal teenager can do now," said Davion.

After Davion pleaded for someone to adopt him, more than 10,000 people from around the world reached out. But Davion was placed with a family in Ohio, which ended up not being a good match.

"That’s’ just not what God had planned," said Davion.

The teen was sent back to Florida and back into foster care. Davion said he prayed again, and this time his prayers led him to call Connie Going.

Going, an adoption specialist at the Heart Gallery, met Davion when he was 7 years old and said the two instantly had a connection. She was happy to receive his call on June 15 when he asked her again, to adopt him.

“I was well over 100 percent, I was there, I knew he was my son and I had that feeling in my heart and there was no going back," said Going.

The social worker of more than 20 years and her family celebrated the finalized adoption last week.

"It’s here and it feels surreal,” said Going. “But it’s a great feeling because now you know when he says mom, I’m really mom."

"It feels really good to know that you have control over your life now," said Davion.

Connie has two biological daughters and another adopted son. Davion knows his new brother from time together in the group home.

The blended family is bonding. The four of them recently took a cruise together.

And while Davion gets settled in his forever home, he hopes other parents hear his story.

"I want families who are thinking of adopting to adopt,” said Davion. “It’s the best thing you could ever do, the kid might not feel it right away but guaranteed he will."