Two parents have been accused of giving drugs to their teenage daughters.

Joey Mudd, 34, of Largo, appeared in court Tuesday after being accused of using marijuana as a bargaining tool with her teen daughters.

Deputies said Mudd admitted to smoking pot multiple times with her daughters, ages 13 and 14. Also, officials said Mudd used pot at least five times to get her daughters to do chores and perform well in school.

Mudd, who is facing two counts of child abuse, posted bond early Wednesday and was released.

Mudd's husband, Chad, 36, is accused of providing the girls with cocaine. He remains in jail on six counts of child abuse. He was also charged for cocaine possession. 

Mudd's daughters are staying with her mother-in-law. Mudd currently is being denied any contact with the girls.

Deputies said they first heard the allegations when they got a call on their child abuse hotline.

The case remains under investigation.