It was nightfall when Reggie White's SUV was disabled on the approach to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge last month.

Then one of the worst things imaginable happened - headlights came right at him. A large semi approached at a high rate of speed, coming close to Reggie.

"He came inches from hitting my truck, so when he hit my truck, when he passed by my truck, it was just like the wind took me over, and the next thing you know you were in the water," Reggie said. "I was falling and falling. I didn't know I was even falling."

With Reggie's wife screaming in fear, no one would stop. No one, that is, until Jessica Purcell came along.

A U.S. Army active reservist and airborne, Jessica assessed the situation, contacted 911, called down to Reggie and promised his wife that Reggie would not die that night, even if she had to jump 30 feet into the water after him. And she meant every word.

Help did come. Reggie was rescued and has since recovered.

And that night, a husband and wife and a stranger became connected for life.