A new gym in Largo is catering to children with special needs. 

The We Rock the Spectrum kid's gym is the first of its kind on Florida's west coast. 

"It was tough finding places where people understood about some of his needs," said parent Holly Totushek. 

Totushek's 6-year-old son, Grant, has autism. She’s excited that he can come to the gym and play without judgment while he works on his social cues.

“It makes us feel wonderful,” said Totushek. “I'm just so happy to have this resource here and it's a place where he can play and it's the answer to our prayers."

The gym is filled with sensory-safe equipment that allows children to swing and climb while fostering learning, exploration, and neurological growth.

“We needed a place where parents can go and relax and not have to say they're sorry for any meltdowns or things other parents wouldn't understand," said owner Janet Burrows.

But thanks to We Rock the Spectrum, the apologies are gone and play time is filled with laughter of children finally able to be themselves without judgment.