The feud between two neighbors in St. Petersburg over barbecue smoke, is heating up on social media.

Chris and Dwayne Matt recorded a confrontation they had over the weekend with an air quality control official from Pinellas County, and it's received nearly 900,000 hits on YouTube.

The official was called out after a neighbor across the street complained of "excessive" barbecue smoke coming from the Matts' backyard.

In the past year, the county has received 15 complaints about the smoke, but 14 of them are from the same neighbor, Sue Godfirnon.

Chris Matt says she has never spoken to them.

"We don't even know her," Chris Matt said. "She never says anything." 

The brothers grew up in the house since 1973, but moved back three years ago after their mother died. 

"She stayed in the kitchen," says Dwayne Matt. "She used to feed our church, the neighborhood. Everybody used to come over here and eat. It's like a tradition in this house."

County officials say the Matts are not breaking any laws or ordinances with their grilling. Nonetheless, Godfirnon has filed a lawsuit against the brothers seeking damages.