A Walt Disney World castmember, who is a Sikh, has won the right to express his religious freedom while working at the park.

Disney has reversed a policy that will now allow Gurdit Singh to wear a turban and sport a full beard while working on his mail route on property.

For the last seven years, Singh was kept from public view because of his apperance. Disney originally told him his appearance violated the company's "Look Policy."

But after the American Civil Liberties Union and the Sikh Coalition stepped in, the theme park has now decided to reverse its policy and grant a religious accommodation for Singh.

The ACLU said Singh was relegated to mail routes with a greater workload, and it actually caused animosity among co-workers because he couldn't assist with other routes. It also kept him from professional advancement opportunities.

Singh will no longer be kept from the view of Disney visitors, and he'll be able to run all mail routes.

The ACLU thanked Disney in a statement.

"Because Disney is a major multinational corporation, its decision to grant Mr. Singh a religious accommodation is an important step forward in achieving workplace equality for Sikhs and others of minority faiths, and Disney should be applauded."