The field where the Miss Auburndale Softball League plays is now empty and so are the hearts of the people close to Terry Yelvington.

Mike Sheffield coached alongside him for years and said there is nothing Terry wouldn't do for those kids.

“If there was ever a kid that came up here that didn’t have money to play, Terry would make sure they got to play,” Sheffield said.

It’s those kinds of stories that have friends and authorities baffled about how someone could murder Yelvington in front of his Lake Alfred home.

Investigators said the 60-year-old was shot multiple times early Tuesday morning. Neighbors heard the gunshots and called police. The only clues they got were a glimpse of a car’s taillights leaving the scene.

“There absolutely was a confrontation in the garage," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. "To what extent, we don’t know."

The sheriff said there are a lot of questions in this story including a motive.

“Someone wanted him dead," Judd said. "We just don’t know what that reason is."

Sheffield said to the people who knew Yelvington, the only cause they can think for this senseless crime is that it seems to be random.

“He was the type of guy that I could not think of an enemy that he would have. Cause he’s loved by everybody,” Sheffield said.

The sheriff says he believes someone knows something and he’s asking them to come forward. The family has also set up a gofundme account.

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