As medical marijuana advocates in Florida work to get the issue back on the ballot for 2016, one of the presidential candidates from Florida says he would crack down on legal weed. 

Marco Rubio said he would enforce federal law against states that have legalized marijuana.  

“I’m not in favor of legalizing marijuana. I’m not. I never have been,” Rubio said Sunday on Meet the Press.

Right now, the federal government does not recognize any medical benefits of marijuana and it is a federal offense to distribute the drug.

Senator Rubio said he is open to changing that federal law if medical benefits can be proven, but until then, he would enforce the law.

“Absolutely. I believe the federal government needs to enforce federal law,” said Rubio. “I think this country is already paying a high price for the effect of alcohol on families, on addiction, on the destruction of marriage.  And now we’re gonna legalize an additional intoxicant?”

According to the man in Florida who is bankrolling the medical marijuana movement, Rubio is wrong on this. 

John Morgan tweeted: “The war on drugs has failed. Our children have been locked up. Futures lost. Addiction is not a crime.”