A new lawsuit is targeting Tampa's red-light camera program.

A group of 17 attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the city of Tampa and the company it contracts to run its red-light program.

As part of the lawsuit, the group wants all red-light tickets since 2011 thrown out.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, since 2011 drivers in Tampa have paid out $11 million in red-light camera fines. Of that amount, about $4 million has gone to the city while the remaining $7 million was paid to Automatic Traffic Solutions, the company that reviews video footage and issues tickets for red-light violations.

Attorney Stephen Rosenthal, the co-lead counsel for the attorneys filing suit, said the city is breaking the law because ATS - not Tampa police - are monitoring the cameras and issuing the citations.

Tampa police say the program is effective at stopping drivers from running red lights and cites that the number of red-light tickets issued by police fell 33 percent from 2012 to 2014.

So far, city officials have made no public comments about the lawsuit.

However, city attorney Julia Mandell said the red-light camera program will be vigorously defended.