A Polk County middle school teacher was caught on camera dragging a student.

Now Reginald Edge, who teaches at Lake Marion Creek Middle School in Poinciana, is fighting for his job.

The video from April 20 shows the boy resisting, and Edge ends up dragging him across the concrete by his ankle to try and get control.

Edge defends his actions, saying he did what he had to do to get a kicking and punching student under control.

However, the superintendent says Edge didn't follow his training, and she wants him fired.

Edge said the student acted up in his classroom, so he sent the student out and followed him into the hallway. The video shows Edge grab the student, but the student fights to run away, so Edge grabs the student by the ankle, causing him to fall.

The teacher grabs the student by the leg, and the two continue to struggle, the student punching and kicking at the teacher. The teacher grabs him again, causing the student's shirt and jacket to come off.

The Polk County School District says teachers are taught proper restraint for out-of-control students, and this was not it.

Edge will not start this new school year, as he was put on leave.

The superintendent wants him fired, and so Edge is waiting on a district hearing.

In papers filed with the district, Edge says he had asked for help with out-of-control students several times from the administration, but never received any. He said that kids even taunted him, saying "go ahead and call the office, they never do anything."

The Polk County Sheriff's Office reviewed the surveillance tape and found no criminal wrongdoing.

School records show Edge has worked with Polk County schools since November 2010. He was given a verbal warning about a similar incident with a student in 2014.

The administrative hearing to determine if Edge should be fired for this incident has not been scheduled yet.