Looking back at the last 15 hurricane seasons in Florida, from 2000–2015, is a case of extremes.

Of course, everyone remembers the storms of 2004 and 2005. Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Jeanne, Katrina and Wilma all went down in history for causing death and destruction.

But what about the rest of the 21st century so far? When you take a look at tropical systems that have impacted Florida since 2000, you may be surprised to see how relatively quiet the last 15 years has been for the Sunshine State when it comes to tropical activity.


2 storms hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Gordon made landfall near Cedar Key as a strong tropical storm; it had previously reached Category 1 hurricane strength in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Tropical Storm Helene made landfall on the Florida Panhandle, near Fort Walton Beach, producing more than 9 inches of heavy rainfall.


2 storms hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Barry made landfall at Santa Rosa beach with 70 mph winds. Tallahassee saw nearly 9 inches of rainfall, and three deaths in Florida were attributed to the storm.
  • Tropical Storm Gabrielle came ashore near Venice with 70 mph winds. It crossed Central Florida in about 18 hours before emerging in the Atlantic Ocean with just 45 mph winds. It later became a hurricane in the Atlantic.


1 storm hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Edouard made landfall near Ormond Beach as a weak tropical storm, crossing Central Florida before emerging in the Gulf of Mexico as a tropical depression, where it was eventually absorbed by another tropical storm, Fay. Damage in Florida was minimal.


1 depression hit Florida

  • Tropical Depression Henri made landfall near Clearwater with 35 mph winds and crossed Central Florida. Damage in Florida was limited to minor flooding, but after emerging in the Atlantic, Henri caused major flooding damage in Delaware and Pennsylvania.


1 tropical storm and 4 hurricanes hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Bonnie was the first to hit Florida in 2004, making landfall near Apalachicola with 45 mph winds on Aug. 12.
  • Hurricane Charley hit Punta Gorda the following evening, on Aug. 13, with Category 4 winds, quickly moving across the Peninsula and causing over $16 billion in damage. Charley was blamed for 17 deaths in Florida alone.
  • Hurricane Frances made landfall in Hutchinson Island, near Sewell's Point, as a Category 2 storm. It crossed the southern Florida Peninsula and emerged in the Gulf of Mexico as a tropical storm near Port Richey. Frances was blamed for 37 deaths in Florida, and damage nationwide totaled approximately $9.5 billion.
  • Hurricane Ivan first made landfall near Pensacola as a Category 3 storm. Ivan later circled back and crossed South Florida as a remnant low. Ivan caused about $18 billion in damage nationwide and 14 deaths in Florida.
  • Hurricane Jeanne made landfall naer Stuart as a Category 3 storm. The deadliest hurricane of 2004, Jeanne was ultimately blamed for more than 3,000 deaths, mostly in Haiti, making it the 12th deadliest hurricane on record. At least four people in Florida died, and damages nationwide were about $6.8 billion.

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2 tropical storms and 3 hurricanes hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Arlene made landfall on the Florida Panhandle in June, causing only moderate damage, although one swimmer drowned in Miami Beach after getting caught in a riptide.
  • Hurricane Dennis made landfall near Pensacola as a Category 3 storm in July. Dennis killed 89 people, mostly in Haiti, and cost up to $6 billion in damage in Cuba and the U.S.
  • Hurricane Katrina made its first U.S. landfall in South Florida as with Category 1 winds. It later intensified in the Gulf to a Category 5 hurricane and became the costliest Atlantic hurricane ever after making landfall again near New Orleans.
  • Tropical Storm Tammy made landfall near Jacksonville and caused minor damage. Its highest sustained winds were 50 mph.
  • Hurricane Wilma struck South Florida as a Category 3 storm. Wilma was credited with 23 deaths and $29 billion in damage, mostly in the U.S., Mexico and Cuba.


2 storms hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Alberto made landfall near Adams Beach with 45 mph winds. Alberto killed two people in Florida and caused about $250,000 in damage.
  • Tropical Storm Ernesto was briefly a hurricane south of Hispaniola. By the time it reached Florida, it was tropical storm that made landfall on the southern tip of the Peninsula before emerging in the Atlantic near Cape Canaveral. Two people died in traffic crashes in Florida during Ernesto's rains.


1 storm hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Barry struck again, making landfall naer Holmes Beach on June 1, the first formal day of hurricane season. It  Three deaths in Florida were attributed to Barry.


1 storm hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Fay made landfall in South Florida and traveled across the Peninsula to the Space Coast, briefly emerging into the Atlantic before making landfall again near Daytona Beach and crossing Florida again. Areas along the Central Florida coast were left under water for days. Brevard and Volusia counties were especially hard-hit, and 11 deaths statewide were attributed to Fay.

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1 storm hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Claudette made landfall on Santa Rosa Island on the Florida Panhandle in August, producing moderate rainfall. Claudette caused $228,000 total damage in the U.S., including $103,000 alone attributed to an EF-0 tornado that spawned from Claudette in Cape Coral.


1 storm hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Bonnie made landfall south of Miami, Monetary losses in Florida only amounted to $2,000, but the storm cost a total of $1.5 million on the Gulf Coast after crossing South Florida.


No storms hit Florida.


2 storms hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Beryl made landfall near Jacksonville Beach with 65 mph winds in May, the strongest pre-season tropical cyclone to make landfall on record. Overall damage from Beryl was minor.
  • Tropical Storm Debby made landfall near Steinhatchee, in Taylor County, with 40 mph winds. Debby caused heavy flooding in North Florida, resulting in $210 million in damage and eight deaths in Florida.


1 storm hit Florida

  • Tropical Storm Andrea made landfall near Steinhatchee, around the same area where Debby first hit the Florida coast the year before. Andrea caused localized flooding and spawned 10 tornadoes. One person was injured.


No storms hit Florida.


No storms hit Florida — so far.

The last 10 years since Wilma is the longest stretch without a hurricane hitting Florida dating back to 1851. The longest stretch prior to Wilma was a five-season stretch from 1980–1984.

It's important to always be prepared for any situation because, as we've seen so far with Erika, tropical systems aren't always predictable.