It's been raining so much that pools are starting to pop out of the ground.

The pressure popped a 12,000 gallon fiberglass pool right out of the ground at a home on the 400 block of Maplewood Dr. in Oldsmar.   

One end of the pool popped out so much that it's almost a foot above the pavers.

The homeowner said he went to the store and came home to find his pool popping out of the ground.

The 70-year-old vietnam vet, Matthew Maiorino, said he's now trying to keep the water from going inside his home.

Maiorino saiid this constant rain is the worst he's seen at his Oldsmar home in the past 42 years.

"I'd rather have a hurricane because a hurricane dumps a bunch of rain but at least it moves. I mean this is constant. For the last 26 days we've had rain,” said Maiorino.

The homeowner is now using his pool pump to try and keep the water away from his backdoor.

Maiorino said he's on a fixed income and hopes his homeowner's insurance will cover the cost.

But instead of putting a new pool Maiorino said he wants it filled in with dirt and proper drainage installed.