The SPCA of Brevard is caring for three kittens horribly burned by acid.

Ashley Cleveland moved into a new home on Pinecrest Street said a mother cat and three kittens, two boys and a girl, had been left behind by the previous residents. She started to feed them every day.

But Friday morning when the family came for breakfast she saw the three kittens had large red burns on their skin.

"You could literally see on one of them where it was like the fur and the skin was hanging off on the side," said Cleveland. It was terrible."

SPCA's veterinarian said the kittens had severe chemical burns consistent with acid on large portions of their bodies. There is a risk of infection and other complications.

"We’ve seen all different types of injuries but I’ve really never seen a chemical burn somebody like this. This is pretty bad," said Susan Naylor from SPCA of Brevard.

However, the SPCA said the kittens, though in pain, are in good spirits and try to play. They've been named Remo, Matilda and Harding.

One of the kittens looks fierce in the sweater he's wearing over his bandages. (PHOTO/Joel Schipper, Staff)

The mother was not burned. Cleveland will be bringing her in to be vaccinated and will foster her until she can be spayed.

So far there are no leads on who would burn the kittens or how it happened. Cleveland said other neighbors knew about them and were also feeding them.

"They have nothing on their paws like they walked through anything so they very well could have had it dumped on them," Naylor said. However, she also admits it's possible they managed to do get into the chemicals some how.  "They could have done it themselves."

Naylor suspects someone did this to the kittens.

"This is just unacceptable. You don’t hurt living, breathing things – especially little babies that are just innocent," she said.

Titusville Police are investigating the case has animal cruelty. They're asking anyone with information to call them at 321-264-7800.

SPCA said it will post updates on the kittens on its Facebook page:


Kittens burned

NOTE: We are posting these so that people who might know how this happened can recognize the kittens and come forward.