There’s a new way to get around the green at the Feather Sound Country Club Golf Course.

It’s part skateboard, part caddy and part golf cart. It’s called the GolfBoard.

“A little bit of exercise, a little bit of fun,” said Tara Isaac, director of operations.

The GolfBoard runs on electricity. A thumb-controlled throttle controls the speed of the machine that taps out at 10 mph. A switch can determine whether the board goes forward or backward, and riders use their weight to turn the device.

It’s a new way to get around, Isaac said, but it can also change the way golf is played.

“It actually speeds up the pace of play tremendously,” she said. “You can play 18 holes in about 2 1/2 hours.”

GolfBoards are lighter than the standard golf cart and are allowed on more areas of the course than the cart.

John Andrew, who golfs at the course, looks forward to trying the GolfBoard.

“I think they’re really neat looking,” he said. “With those you can take them right up to the fringe and get out and putt.”

The Feather Sound Country Club has eight GolfBoards and may buy more if they prove popular. Golf carts will also remain available.