Dozens of exotic cats living in Sarasota now have a better way to cool off from this summer’s heat.

Big Cat Habitat and Sanctuary just finished building a new enclosure for its big cats.

The extra space gives the lions, tigers and ligers more room to roam and play.

The new enclosures also include pools for the cats to use and splash around in.

“Of course it’s the hot time of the season, so they are really enjoying the pools,” said Clayton Rosaire, vice president of Big Cat Habitat.

The new enclosure also allows visitors to see the lions, tigers and even ligers up close.

“We love our animals,” Rosaire said. “We just want to give them a great life, the best we can give them in captivity. This also gives families a chance to get up close to them while they’re having a good time and while they’re playing.”

The new enclosure cost around $100,000. Most of the money came from donations and admission fees.

Big Cat Habitat is a nonprofit safe haven for big cats, bears and other animals in need. It was founded by Clayton’s mother, Kay Rosaire. 

The family says its goal is to educate the public by fostering appreciation for animals and stressing the importance of habitat preservation.

In September, the sanctuary is only open on Friday and Saturday, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.