Three people were shot during a wake for car crash victim Sha-Mhya Turner in Tampa Friday.

Police said for unknown reasons, someone fired a weapon at the Harmon Funeral Home on North 40th Street in Tampa Friday.

The three people who were shot have been identified as 20-year-old Marquise Neal, 20-year-old Henry Taylor and 21-year-old Modriana George. All three had non-life-threatening injuries. Police said a lot of people turned out for the wake, but as soon as the shots were fired mourners scattered.

Police are still trying to get information about the suspect. They say the shooting wasn't random and that the shooter and victims knew each other.

Sha-Mhya Turner, 19, was killed last Sunday on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Police said Turner received a text message, and when she looked down at her phone, she veered into a concrete barrier.

Police do not believe Turner was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. She was ejected and the car rolled over and flipped onto her.

Turner's 2-year-old child was also ejected from the vehicle, but is expected to survive.

Family members said they hoped Turner's death would serve as a reminder on the importance of not letting your phone distract you from driving.