A Brooksville woman is celebrating a milestone very few people will ever know.

Winonah Greene was born on Jan. 13, 1906. On Wednesday, she turned 110 years old.

"That's what they tell me," she said.

Greene was born 41 years after the end of the Civil War and eight years before the start of World War I.

"Another year added," she said. "How did I do it?"

Greene said there's no secret to her longevity.

"So many people have asked me that," she said. "I have no secret. I had nothing to do with it."

Imagine all of the high-tech changes Greene has seen, like the smartphone. We took some selfies together.

Ferdinand Zogbaum takes a selfie with Winonah Greene using one of many pieces of technology that have come into existence since Greene was born in 1906. (Ferdinand Zogbaum)

"How did we get along without it?" she said as she laughed. "So much has happened."

Before we left, Greene wanted to share a piece of advice. She says find something you love to do and stick with it.

"It's not easy, but don't give up," she said. "Live your dream."

People who live to be 110 years old or older are referred to as "supercentenarians."

According to the Gerontology Research Group, as of January 2014, there were only 1,627 supercentenarians in the world.