Valessa Robinson, the teen who was infamously convicted of her own mother's murder, is now a mother herself.

Robinson spent 13 years in prison for her mother Vicki’s slaying. She was released from prison in 2013.

Friends of the family shared pictures with us, confirming Valessa has a new baby boy.

Her public Facebook page gives an insight into her new life: trips to the beach, a new love in her life and newfound freedom.

One of Vicki Robinson’s best friends, Ed Philips, has mixed feelings about the new developments.

“When I first saw the picture, I didn’t recognize her at first," he said. "Her appearance has drastically changed, and it’s good, but it was such a painful tragedy for many of us. We knew that Vicki would love to have seen her daughter have a second chance."

Valessa Robinson was 15 years old when she, along with her boyfriend and an acquaintance, killed her mother, Vicki.

By all accounts, it appears Valessa Robinson got her second chance. She tells one friend on Facebook, “Life is good,” and shares pictures of herself bikini-clad on a boat.

She has created a new family, but Philips says, it's one with a missing link.

“There is a tragedy in Valessa’s future, sadly," he said. "There’s a day her son will grow up and naturally ask questions about her grandmother, and how did she die. How is Valessa going to answer that?”

There may never be an answer as to why Valessa Robinson, along with her boyfriend, Adam Davis, and acquaintance Jon Whispel, took part in the crime.

But Philips said one thing is for sure: If the bubbly mother of two could talk to us today, her heart would be filled with forgiveness.

“I’m sure Vicki would end up putting her arms around her daughter, hugging her, forgiving her and reconciling a relationship," Philips said. "She’s a mother of Valessa, who is now a mother. There’s a lot of feelings, a lot of love there too. Boy, would she like to be a grandmother.”

We tried contacting Valessa Robinson to comment on the story, but she never responded.