There were a few tense moments at the Marion Street bus terminal Thursday evening after a Megabus had to unexpectedly turn around an hour into its trip to Miami.

According to Tampa police, a 7-year-old boy became separated from his father, Jose Riascos.

Riascos told police he told the bus driver he was stepping off the bus to use the restroom. But when he returned, the bus had taken off with his son on board.

Riascos said he tried to chase after the bus and get the driver’s attention, but the driver didn’t hear him.

Tampa police arranged for the bus to turn around.

“So grateful to the police officers,” Riascos said in Spanish.  “They were so nice. They saw my concern…again, I’d never wish this tough experience on anyone."

Police said there won’t be any criminal charges filed.

Passengers were able to get back on the bus and head for Miami again around 11 p.m. on Thursday.