Lakeland is the latest Bay area city to set up a bike-sharing program.

Several organizations including the Downtown Development Authority have teamed up with a company called Zagster to start Swan City Cycles.

The program has 35 bikes that can be found at seven locations in or around downtown. Users become members by signing up on an app.

There are several plans including daily, monthly and annual memberships. The most popular plan so far is the $25 annual pass, which allows riders to make unlimited 90-minute rides.

Jen Lysak works for a downtown real estate company. She has used the bikes to make a quick trip to a restaurant.

"I don't have to take my car out of my spot and drive it to lunch," she said. "I can just take the bike and hop on over to Palace if I want."

A GPS system keeps track of the bike’s location when a user drops it off and locks it up at one of the locations.

Chuck Flagler has used Swan City Cycles' bikes to ride with his children and friends about ten times. He likes the idea of riding a bike without the responsibility of ownership.

“Don't have to worry about anybody stealing them," he said. "Don't have to worry about any of that."

Swan City Cycles has more than 170 members in its first month of operation. It hopes to have 1,000 during its first year.

But will it be popular enough to back it over the long haul?

"Whether we expand it or get rid of it is really going to be up to the community and citizens of Lakeland,” said Julie Townsend, the Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority.