Overnight into early Wednesday morning will be quiet and pleasant. Skies will mainly be mostly clear.

  • Overnight Tuesday will be clear
  • Slightly lower humity, but not quite as low as last week
  • Wednesday will be sunny with little chance of rain  

The humidity is slightly lower than yesterday, but nothing majorly different. Just low enough to feel pleasant but not as low as it was last week.

Morning lows will be in the 60s for most areas, but low 70s near the coast.

There will be a breeze from the east, that is strongest near the coast between now and the morning.

Wednesday will be another nice day with sunny skies in the morning and then partly cloudy in the afternoon.

There might be a stray sprinkle or tiny shower, but there is so much dry air above us that it will be hard for any showers to survive. Even if one passes, it will move quickly and head toward the Gulf.

Highs will be in the mid 80s.



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