If you're walking along Gulf Boulevard along the beaches anytime soon, chances are you'll see new signs touting pedestrian safety. 

  • Rotary Club trying to help limit pedestrian-involved crashes along the beaches
  • With plenty of foot and bike traffic, area has higher level of crashes 
  • Rotary Club of the Gulf Beaches kicks off campaign

There's more walking along the main beach thoroughfare than anywhere else in Pinellas County. And local agencies want to make sure both drivers and pedestrians remain aware of each other. 

As part of the plan to keep safety a priority for walkers and bikers, the local rotary club has produced signs and fliers saying: "SAFETY, a shared responsibility."

According to the Rotary Club of Gulf Beaches, there are two pedestrian related deaths each year and at least a dozen injuries. That's in addition to the numerous pedestrian-related car crashes. 

"The lighted crosswalks, everybody seems to respect that, both motorists and people walking seem to respect that," said tourist Andy Kleven. "So I'm really impressed with that."

Rotary Club members and local law enforcement want to hear more of that as this campaign kicks off. Officials will hand out fliers and put up signs along Gulf Boulevard today to stress the message. 

"Everyone's got to watch out for everybody, especially at nighttime," said beach resident Jimmy King. "Just take precaution, if there's a crosswalk, they should use it." 

Bay News 9 has partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation on its “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow” campaign. The idea is to make sure we’re all sharing the road with people who walk or ride their bikes, and everyone makes it where they need to be safely.