A 24-year-old man is in serious condition after a multi-vehicle crash on I-4 in Hillsborough County Tuesday morning. 

  • Spilled gravel causes two vehicles to crash, hit barrier wall
  • William Swartz, 24, was inspecting damage his vehicle
  • He was hit by another car and fell 33-feet

The Florida Highway Patrol said a truck traveling northbound on the crosstown connector entered the ramp to travel eastbound on I-4 and spilled a large amount of gravel onto the roadway, causing two vehicles to lose control and collide with the barrier wall. 

According to the FHP report, William Swartz got out of his vehicle to inspect the damage and was hit by a third vehicle. The impact propelled the 24-year-old over the wall where he fell 33 feet to the ground below. He is in serious condition at Tampa General Hospital.

The other two drivers - Irene Blitch, 56, and Dorothy Moore, 66, - did not receive any injuries. 

Due to the accidents and spilled gravel, the ramp was closed for several hours. 

FHP is asking anyone with information on the truck that spilled the gravel to call 813-631-4020.