Thousands of people took to the streets, across the country, Wednesday night and Thursday morning to protest the election of Donald Trump.

Police did not anticipate the crowds flooding streets and blocking traffic.

The protests occurred across the country, from Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle, to Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston.

Not only are they protesting Donald Trump, but also the election process.

"It just has an awful, awful message about this country and the way people feel in this country, especially towards people who are marginalized, toward the LGBT communities and people of color and immigrants," said protester Rudy Costello.

In Oakland, Calif., police said more than two dozen have been arrested and at least three officers were injured.

The protests come as President-Elect Trump tries to unify a nation.

“Now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of division, we have to get together,” Trump said during his victory party speech early Wednesday morning.

Even his opponent, Hillary Clinton urged unity.

“We owe (Trump) an open mind and a chance to lead,” Clinton said at a concession speech Wednesday morning.

It's an idea that has struck a chord with some protestors. “I also don’t believe in a lot of the sentiment right now,” said protester Taylor Eubanks. “The hate that’s being directed at Donald Trump, he’s not the president I elected, but he’s the president we’re stuck with so we need to come together and work together.”