Florida lawmakers have introduced a bill that would allow grocery stores to sell liquor.

  • Workers say large chain stores could buy in bulk
  • Bill would also allow gas stations to sell liquor

"It's a one stop shop. You don’t have to go to more places and waste gas that way," said shopper Jovanni Cruz.

But not everyone is ready to pop the cork.

Stores like Carrollwood Fine Wine and Spirits say if the bill passes into law, it could cripple business.

Workers said large chain stores can buy in bulk and give much lower prices to consumers.

"Obviously we can't compete on our prices. Over time that pushes out boutique shops like this that have collections that are world-renowned," said John Fischer with Carrollwood Fine Wine and Spirits.

The bill, as written, would also allow gas stations to sell liquor.

Opponents of the bill also say it gives easier access to alcohol for minors.  

This will be the fourth year lawmakers try to pass this type of bill.