A Winter Haven woman was offended after she found her car vandalized in her neighborhood. 

  • Winter Haven woman offended after racial slur written on car in mustard
  • Deputies are calling this a case of vandalism
  • A naked woman was also drawn in the mustard

"I felt like it was just a racist attack to me," said Sanders.

Cecila Sanders went out to her car Thursday morning where she was working as a home health care provider to find a naked woman and a racial slur drawn on the hood of her car in mustard.

"I got offensive [sic] about it," said Sanders. "I don’t know ... I got scared, I know that because of course I’m black and the word said n-gg--r, so."

Tyrone James, who lives nearby, said he’s never had concerns about his neighborhood. But he is concerned about this incident.

"It may be just some kids out doing whatever they’re doing, but the nature of what they did is more, I think it went past prank," said James.

"That’s not a prank,” said Sanders. “That’s my life, I’m proud to be black but that’s my life and people need to take that into consideration."

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says at least two other houses in the neighborhood were hit. The vandals wrote a curse word on a mailbox in mustard and flung mustard and jelly on a couple other cars.

The Sheriff’s Office is investigating and right now considers this a case of vandalism. The Sheriff’s office has increased patrols in the area and asks if anyone saw anything Wednesday night between 9:00-10:30, to please call: 863-298-6200.