A space item for sale in Cocoa Village is literally a blast from the past.

Jim Milburn owns a nearly 60-year-old rocket engine, about 10 feet in diameter, weighing 2,000 pounds.

"It's a 1957 rocket (engine) Juno or Titan," Milburn said.

He bought it at a collector's auction 20 years ago along with hundreds of other space related items. Most of it is gone today, but he's hung onto the motor until now.

"Somebody will eventually want it as much as I did," he said.

It's up for sale. The price: $19,000. He paid $10,000 for it two decades ago.

"I'm not going to give it away, but the price is negotiable," Milburn laughed.

Milburn has been offered a few hundred bucks for the motor, but it would head to the scrap yard. He doesn't want that to happen to this relic.

"I've had people come by and say, 'If I buy that, can I fire it?' No way! Two tanks for fuel would probably cost a million dollars, and it's illegal anyway," he said.

Incredibly enough, Milburn may have been around this very engine six decades ago. The former engineer, 80, worked at the White Sands Missile Test Range in the early 1960s and worked in communications at the Kennedy Space Center for the legendary Apollo 11 and 13 missions.

In his later years, he got into real estate in the Cocoa area. The rocket motor is on display in one of his parking lots.

Now, after all this time, he's ready to scrub the relationship.

"Let some youngster buy it. He can enjoy it," Milburn said.

If you'd like to become the proud owner of a rocket motor, call 321-501-0929.