Who throws pitches in a fancy hotel hallway between interviews?

Television all-star Regis Philbin that's who.

Philbin is throwing out a ceremonial first pitch in a New York Yankees Spring Training game, so we helped out with a little catching and coaching.

Well not much coaching – Philbin can throw!

(My hand tingled in the glove!)

It's also a warm-up of sorts for comedy legend Don Rickles.

The two show biz heavy hitters will take the stage at Ruth Eckerd Hall Wednesday, March 23, for a night of caustic comedy and hilarious history.

In a recent chit chat at the Waldorf-Astoria, Rickles laid into Philbin.

"I'm not gonna lie to you-- everybody says you look so good-- you look bad,” jibed Rickles.  “You should get checked -- I know how old you are."

Regis is in his mid-80s and Rickles is almost 90.

One is nice -- the other-- not so much!

"I met him 55 years ago believe it or not," Philbin explained from a suite in a Bay Area hotel Tuesday.

Their odd-couple friendship began in San Diego shortly after Philbin watched Rickles in comedy insult action-- using only a man's name-- Harry -- and his profession-- furniture store owner.

"He destroyed Harry,” said Philbin, “It was so funny everybody was laughing --even Harry was enjoying it.”

Through the years, the two toured together all over the country, making fun of every city and most people along the way.

"He gets away with it -- it's a laugh, it’s a scream!  You come back better," said Philbin.

The Ruth Eckerd Hall show is Wednesday, March 23, at 8 p.m. Ticket information