Dade City Police officials unveiled a public space they hope residents will use for safer online sales and custody exchanges.

  • Zone will give residents a place to conduct online sales, custody exchanges
  • Located in Dade City PD's parking lot off Pasco Avenue
  • No appointment necessary; officers always on patrol

The "Safe Exchange Zone," as officials are calling it, consists of two specially-marked parking spaces in the police department's parking lot. The hope is that the public will utilize the space in order to complete eBay or Craigslist transactions, or to conduct children exchanges when parents are having domestic issues.

"With the enhanced lighting and external security cameras available, we are encouraging people to come to the police department to conduct their business in a safe and neutral environment if they wish," said Chief Raymond Velboom.

Officials noted that to date there have been no documented cases in the city involving robberies, thefts, or assaults related to financial transactions. The move to create the Safe Exchange Zone is meant to address the potential for such incidents.

The Safe Exchange Zone is located in the main parking lot off Pasco Avenue, marked with blue and white signs. No appointment to use the spaces will be necessary, and officers will always be on patrol.