Investigators are still looking into what caused Tuesday’s early morning fire at Cycle Springs Power Sports in Clearwater. According to officials, damages from the flames could total more than a million dollars.

  • Clearwater's Cycle Springs Power Sports caught fire Tuesday around 4 a.m.
  • Crews from Clearwater and Dunedin were on the scene
  • Officials say damages may total a million dollars
  • No injuries were reported

“I came in about 15 minutes to 10 (o'clock) and I was going to speak to them about a jet ski I bought about five or six months ago,” said customer Claudette Jensen. “I just wanted to ask them how much it would be worth now because I'm going to turn it back in again.”

When Jensen arrived, she wasn't met by the owner. Instead, fire crews from Clearwater and Dunedin were on the scene.

“Unfortunately that's when I saw the action, I couldn't believe it," she said.

Investigators say it appears the fire started somewhere near the repair bays.  Above the bays, storage units were found full of paperwork that came crashing down during the fire, officials say.

“They're trying to remove all that debris to get at the heart of the bays to see what's inside the bays," said Clearwater Police Public Information Officer Rob Shaw.

Inside the repair shop, a boat and a motorcycle were completely destroyed. About 20 motorcycles outside suffered minor damages as well. Despite the blaze, though, the company's two showrooms suffered little damage  -- one even opened at noon.

Since investigators say the total damage could reach upwards of a million dollars, the State Fire Marshall was called to the scene.

"I know how much it takes me to establish this little salon," said owner of Modern Changes Hair Salon, Ins Morsy. Her salon neighbors the shop. "So I feel so bad for them, I really do."

There is a surveillance system at the business. Detectives will be taking a look at that to see if it offers any more clues.