There’s a web-slinging spider swinging around Tampa Bay, and he’s a huge hockey fan.

  • Spideybolt made his first appearance during last year's Lightning playoff run
  • Started community-minded efforts with handing out comic books to kids in hospitals
  • This year, Spideybolt is handing out "Good Luck Pucks"

"Spideybolt" is a Tampa Bay Lightning super fan. He first donned his specially-tailored blue suit last year during the playoffs.

“I thought ThunderBug could use a fellow bug friend, a 'thunder buddy' if you will,” Spideybolt said.

He noticed people were noticing him – and kids wanted their pictures taken with the masked Marvel-inspired character.

“I didn’t realize the impact it would have on them,” he said. “So I started forming ideas on how I could give back to the community.”

Spideybolt started by giving out comic books to kids in hospitals, but he wanted to do something hockey-related. On Friday, the "Electric Arachnid" passed out inaugural ‘Good Luck Pucks’ to children staying at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital.

Spideybolt plans to hand out Good Luck Pucks to kids all across Tampa Bay. (Amy Mariani, staff)

“The kids, I think they loved it,” he said. “I think they were pretty electrified when I walked in.”

Each puck comes signed by Spideybolt. He said it wasn’t hard to get the donated supplies.

“The Tampa community has been awesome, super supportive,” he said. “I mean just the first couple of people sent a couple of boxes of pucks.”

Natalia Rijos was one of the patients who got to hang out with Spideybolt. The 15-year-old said she likes the idea of a hometown hero.

“When they told me about him, I was like ‘it’s Spider-man but with the Lightning?’ That’s cool because it throws the city with the super hero,” Rijos said.

When Spideybolt gave her a Good Luck Puck, she told him she already has plans to put it to work.

“I’ll try to convince the surgeons to let me take it into surgery with me,” she told the webslinger.

She said she’ll keep it close and that it’s “just like a four-leaf clover, but better.”

Rijos said she’ll see Spideybolt again, to let him know the Good Luck Puck did its job.

Spideybolt is on all corners of the web -- on Facebook, on Twiiter, and at his own website. He also sells his Good Luck Pucks for fans, and every puck purchase buys an additional puck for Spidey to give out to kids.