Saving the iconic water tower in Old Homosassa in Citrus County took a lot of effort from local activists. But now, the real work begins.

According to the construction contractors, countless repairs are needed to make certain the structure is sound.

  • Projected estimated to cost $85K
  • $60K is still needed to complete the project
  • The tower has stood as a landmark in Cirtus County for 52 years

Billy Chauncey is on the team charged with updating the 52-year-old tower. Transplants from Georgia, Chancey's crew has tackled similar jobs before, but that doesn't make this job any less dangerous.

“You never know what might happen,” said Chauncey. “You have got to trust your equipment, all the stuff around you. Just got to watch everything. It's just a rush."

Members of the Old Homosassa Heritage Council, including Marian MacRae, pulled together to preserve the landmark. It'll be an expensive and labor intensive process, but MacRae and her comrades say it'll be worth it.

“This has been a long road and we are totally thrilled,” said MacRae.

The entire project is estimated to cost $85,000. To date, they've managed to compile $20,000. For the remainder the council has set up a page.

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