Lights, camera, action! 

  • Independent film No Postage Necessary being shot around Plant City
  • Film stars Charleene Closshey, who was born and raised in Plant City
  • More than 300 local crew, actors, extras working on film

The cameras are rolling in Tampa Bay. Hundreds of crew members and actors are in Hillsborough County making the independent film "No Postage Necessary."

Most of the filming is being done in Plant City over the next few weeks, where the starring actress is from.

"I was born and raised in Plant City," Charleene Closshey said. "I attended Bryan Elementary where we are shooting today."

The crew started filming its first scene Monday at Bryan Elementary in Plant City, where Closshey’s character was dropping her child off at school.

"No Postage Necessary" is described as a movie about love, letters and computer hackers.

“It’s a dramedy with a sprinkling of espionage. It’s a fun, little off-beat picture that talks about people finding their paths and finding their truths,” Closshey said.

Closshey, along with some of her family members, including the film’s executive producer, all called Plant City home at one time or another, and even though they scouted other small towns in Mississippi and Alabama, they knew their own hometown had just the charm the film needed.

“To be able to have that quality of life show up on film, to be able to have people turn out and bring their personalities with them and bring the things that make them unique and special, Plant City is perfect for that,” executive producer Jennifer Closshey said.

Hillsborough County’s Film Commission and County Commission have all been very supportive of the film, offering competitive incentives. The movie is also bringing in money to Hillsborough County, hiring over 300 local crew, actors, extras and musicians.  Movie executives say due to the filming, over 350 hotel night stays were also booked.