Autopsies for 13 of the 49 victims who died in the June 12 mass shooting at Pulse nightclub were released Friday.

  • Orange County Medical Examiner will release autopsies in batches
  • Suspected shooter Omar Mateen was shot 8 times, per autopsy
  • More than 50 people were also hurt in the Pulse shooting

The reports released contain the autopsies of 30 victims:

  1. Akyra Murray
  2. Christopher Leinonen
  3. Christopher Sanfeliz
  4. Darryl Burt
  5. Eddie Justice
  6. Edward Sotomayor
  7. Enrique Rios
  8. Eric Ortiz Rivera
  9. Jason Josaphat
  10. Javier Reyes
  11. Jean Mendez Perez
  12. Jerald Wright
  13. Joel Rayon Paniagua
  14. Juan Chavez-Martinez
  15. Juan Rivera Velazquez
  16. Kimberly Morris
  17. Luis Conde
  18. Luis Ocasio Capo
  19. Luis Vielma
  20. Luis Wilson Leon
  21. Martin Benitez Torres
  22. Mercedez Flores
  23. Miguel Honorato
  24. Oscar Aracena Montero
  25. Paul T. Henry
  26. Peter Gonzalez Cruz
  27. Shane Tomlinson
  28. Stanley Almodovar
  29. Xavier Serrano Rosado
  30. Yilmary Rodriguez-Solivan

The autopsy of the shooter, Omar Mateen, was also released. According to the report, Mateen was shot eight times.

We are not publishing the details of the Pulse victims' autopsies out of respect for their families.

The Orange County Medical Examiner's Office said the autopsy reports will be made in increments. The release process for Friday was scheduled to end at 5 p.m., and it will resume Monday morning.

The decision to release the information was made after numerous public records requests. Officials say family members of the victims were notified it would happen.

More than 50 other people were also injured in the shooting. Review boards met Thursday to discuss how money from fundraising efforts will be dispersed to families of the victims.