Students in Hillsborough County are honoring local leaders with a video series that will translate their stories to the digital age.

  • Legacy Video Series is a project spearheaded by Hillsborough youth
  • Students will honor local leaders with documentary-styled series
  • The first honoree is Theresa Manuel, who was the first female Olympian for Florida

Former Olympian Theresa Manuel was the first to be honored by the Legacy Video Series. She was present for the premiere Thursday night along with 70 others who came out to cheer her, and the students, on.

Manuel made history in 1948 as the first woman from the State of Florida to compete in the Olympics. She took silver in the javelin throw.


Once she got back, she continued to overcome obstacles. She fought segregation to become an influential educator in Hillsborough County for 38 years.

Producers behind the film were hoping the event would serve as a preview for the 2016 Olympics, which began in Rio Friday.

The video series is produced in partnership with local businesses with the hope that by creating these documentaries, the 80 young people involved in the project will be engaged technology – and possibly STEM careers.

“We are honored to be part of this legacy project,” stated Ralph Smith, founder and executive director of Computer Mentors Group, Inc. “Not only does this project give our youth valuable skills that they can use in their future careers, but it also opens their eyes to the many achievements of local unsung heroes, especially African Americans who have made an impact here in Tampa.”