Police arrested a man they say fired at his cousin to test a bullet proof vest. His cousin was killed.

  • Joaquin Mendez was found dead Saturday night
  • Alexandro Garibaldi told police he found his cousin shot outside
  • Witnesses say Garibaldi shot Mendez while testing a bullet proof vest

Police say the incident happened Saturday night at a home on Gordon Street.

Police say Alexandro Garibaldi, 24, told police he heard a gunshot and found his cousin, Joaquin Mendez, 23, outside with a gunshot wound.

Witnesses, however, told police that Mendez had put on a bullet proof vest and mused whether it still "worked."

Police say that's when Garibaldi took out a handgun, said "let's see," and shot at the victim in the vest.

Mendez was found outside. The vest was found in the house with a bullet entrance hole.

Mendez was taken to the hospital, where he died of his injuries.

Garibaldi was charged with manslaughter and possession of a firearm by a felon.