A retired Marine is charged with aggravated battery against a senior citizen after deputies say he ran his car into a school volunteer in the drop-off line at Calusa Elementary.

  • Elderly volunteer at Pasco elementary school struck with car
  • Deputies arrested Lawrence Franklin 34, a retired Marine
  • Incident arose from argument between Franklin and William Denamen, 79  

Lawrence Franklin, 34, was taking his daughter to school when volunteer William Denamen says the father was trying to cut in line.

“I said, 'No, no, no, you’re not doing that. That is wrong for the rest of the people who have been here.' Then, he blew the horn for three to five minutes at me. I laughed,” Denamen said.

Denamen, a retired Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputy, said he started to walk away when the car rammed into him. He says when he regained his balance, he was hit again.

Franklin told police he 'let his foot off the break,' and didn’t intentionally run into the volunteer. He was arrested on scene and held on $30,000 bond.

Franklin’s grandmother says it’s a misunderstanding, and she can’t believe he was arrested.

“He’s a good person," said Peggy Tolbert. "He served our country, he put his life on the line. He went to Iraq two times."

Denamen says he’s glad he was the only one hurt.

“If I’d have my weapon, I’d have probably shot him,” said Denamen.

Denamen says he will continue to volunteer at the school. A judge ordered Franklin to have no contact with the school or Denamen.