Citrus County officials estimate that residents suffered $102 million worth of damages to homes and properties following Hurricane Hermine.

  • Citrus residents face $102 million in damages after Hermine
  • The storm impacted 2,694 structures in the county
  • Many residents still are not able to return home

A total of 2,694 structures were impacted by Hermine.

Out of those, just over a thousand faced mininmal damage, including downed trees and yard flooding, and another 743 properties have minor damage, with issues like flooding up to the electrical sockets or trees on the roof.

Authorities say major damage was seen at 531 properties, though.Thankfully, the county says no homes were completely destroyed.  

Patti Kiedrowski was at her Homosassa home Thursday trying to figure out what she could save and what she needs to throw away. Along with her husband, she's already hauled away a trailer full of ruined furniture, flooring and dry wall.

Their second haul was almost as full.

"The water went all the way through the house," Kiedrowski said. "We had about 10 inches in almost every room."

She and her husband are staying in a hotel until they can come back to their home.

"We have no bed and the flooring is gone," she said.

Across the street, S.W. Storey is still trying to dry out his home. He has about a dozen industrial-sized fans and a few dehumidifiers working ovetime on his behalf.

"We had so many inches of water and they had to take the plasterboard out four feet (high) and go clear around the house," Storey said. "The kitchen cabinets are gone, the vanities are gone, and (it's a) pretty major overhaul."

Though Storey and Kiedrowski both have insurance, they expect to pay some expenses out of pocket. They both say it's too early to tell how much the repairs will cost.

Citrus County officials say FEMA representatives will tour the damage this weekend.