Thanks to the Polk County gator that has gone viral, the Circle B Bar Preserve has been overwhelmed with visitors.

The gigantic alligator was captured on camera this weekend. Within just a few hours, the images and video were on social media nationwide.

The people who recorded the video Sunday dubbed the gator "Godzilla."

Jeff Spence, director of environmental lands for Polk County, said the gator in the video is "Mr. Humpback."

The Circle B Bar Reserve, which on a normal weekday has a few people out looking around, saw hundreds of people Tuesday on the hunt.

"It's big. I'm not sure if it's a boy or girl, but it's a big gator," said Yvonne Clanton, who came from Zephyrhills with a friend to look for the big gator. She believes she saw Mr. Humpback sunning himself near the water's edge.

Spence held a press conference to urge park visitors to be cautious in their search for the gator.

"Do not feed them. Do not approach them really close. That's where you are going to have those confrontations," he said.

Spence said Circle B had to kick a man out of the park for climbing over a barrier to get closer to a gator he thought was Mr. Humpback.

Most park visitors were just having fun with all the hoopla.

"I was going to bring a saddle and put on him and ride him today," Harold Griffith said with a laugh.