Here's your Tampa area weather forecast for late Wednesday into Thursday morning, with a preview of conditions through Friday evening.

  • Lower humidity
  • Mainly dry Thursday
  • Moisture returns this weekend

The drier, less humid air is noticeable. Although it’s still been hot during the day, the evenings and mornings are nicer.

Also obvious is the limited shower activity. There have only been a few small passing showers.

Skies will be mostly clear overnight into early Thursday morning. The lower humidity will allow the morning lows to drop lower -- mainly in the 60s inland and low to mid 70s near the coast.

Thursday will be the driest day of the week, with low humidity and only a tiny chance of a late day shower. Otherwise, just expect mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, with hot afternoon highs near 90 again.

Friday will be the day when moisture starts coming back into the area. Clouds will increase as a batch of moisture passes by to our south.

That will trigger some scattered showers in the afternoon that will all move westward toward our coast by the evening. Highs will be near 90 once again.

The atmospheric moisture returning will set us up for a more humid weekend ahead with some scattered showers each afternoon and a slightly muggier feel. However, the highs both days will actually be a couple degrees lower due to more cloud cover.

Expect highs in the upper 80s this weekend.



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