A Clearwater official was arrested last weekend after being accused of being drunk while driving a golf cart. 

  • Clearwater official accused of being drunk on golf cart, causing crash
  • Police said community redevelopment agency director crashed cart into tables at restaurant
  • Seth Taylor, 38, entered into Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion Program 

According to police, Seth Taylor, the city's community redevelopment agency director, drove the golf cart into outdoor tables at the Clear Sky Restaurant on Cleveland Street.

Authorities said Taylor, 38, then grabbed a person by the neck who was filming the incident. Taylor then allegedly left the scene. 

He was stopped a short distance later and eventually taken to the Pinellas County Jail but not booked. 

Instead, he was entered into an Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion Program early Sunday, which allows adults arrested for low-level crimes to avoid jail by completing community service, counseling or drug treatment.

That would allow him to complete community service instead of jail. 

However, Taylor has been placed on administrative leave. He has worked for the city since 2016.