The Citrus County Animal Services shelter is pleading for help from the community. The shelter is over capacity and sent out a plea to all volunteers and rescues to find adopters or rescues to take in the current animals, or the shelter will have no choice but to euthanize for space, officials said. 

"Now is the time for all animal advocates to step up and help the shelter, not by condemning or blasting, but by finding homes or rescues for the animals," the shelter wrote on their Facebook page

The maximum number of dogs that can safely be held at the shelter is 106. After the shelter took in 65 dogs Tuesday, the number of dogs is now at 177. The director said more strays and owner surrenders are coming in every day. 

"There is no more room to house stray animals in the shelter," the director said. 

The shelter is in desperate need of finding shelter for the current animals in their care. 

"Please, we are begging here, please help us move some animals from the CCAS shelter - through adoption or rescue - or the shelter will have no choice but to make the tough, gut-wrenching decision to euthanize for space," the shelter wrote on their Facebook page. 

The shelter is waiving adoption fees on all dogs until further notice in an effort to clear out the kennels. Citrus County residents will still be required to pay $10 for a county registration tag. 

The 65 dogs taken in yesterday will not be immediately made available for adoption or rescue, and will need to be held as possible evidence.