With Election Day fast approaching, the mayoral race in St. Petersburg may be winding down, but the candidates aren’t.

Mayor Rick Kriseman and former mayor Rick Baker have busy schedules over the next few days leading up to Tuesday.

“(We’re) touching and communicating with as many voters as we can and answering any questions that we can that they still might have,” said Kriseman.

“We've got churches (Sunday) morning. Lots of churches," said Baker. "And we're just going to continue to push our message all the way to the end of the election.”

The race has seen a lot of mud slinging from both sides, with questions raised about charges against one of Kriseman’s staffers that were dismissed decades ago to Baker being linked closely to President Donald Trump.

However, both candidates feel confident going into Tuesday’s election.

“I think we've had a great month, a very strong month," said Baker.  “And I believe the message has been sinking in and people are coming around to our campaign so I think we're gonna win.”

“I think we've run a good campaign," said Kriseman. "I think I've got a great message about the future of the city. It really is about going forward and not going backward and I think voters have a very clear choice.”