Every day Sarasota teen Jabez Spann is missing, his family has to work a little harder to keep their heads up.

He is starting to miss major milestones in his life.

"Today is Jabez's birthday. Happy birthday Jabez, I love you," his grandmother, Lucille Tillery, said Wednesday.

The family says that unlike every other year, there will be no party and no celebrating until the 15-year-old Spann is found.

"I know my grandson. If he was capable of calling me, or coming home. He would have been here," said Tillery.

It has been more than three months since Spann vanished.

Posters with a $25,000 reward are plastered across the city, and national media outlets like Dateline are sharing his story.

The Sarasota Police Department said it is receiving tips almost daily, but no solid leads have come in.

"I think it's safe to say that for whatever reason he is missing, it's not a good one," said Sarasota Police Department spokeswoman Genevieve Judge.

Family members have their own theory about what happened. They believe Spann was a witness to a shooting down the street.

"He said no grandma, I saw nothing. He told me he saw nothing, but he saw the whole thing," said Tillery.

The family insists someone in the community knows something. A family desperate for anything.

"Right now I'm at the point, even if we don’t get him back alive, just tell us where he's at so we can go get him," said Tillery.

Spann's mother spent her son's birthday in Tallahasee, participating in Florida's Missing Children's Day.