A Ruskin man remains hospitalized after a house fire Tuesday afternoon. 

  • Off-duty firefighter pulls man from burning Ruskin home
  • Tampa Fire Rescue Luigi Young rescued neighbor
  • Homeowner, 51, hospitalized with smoke inhalation

As flames and smoke ripped through the home on King Tom Place, a neighbor who is a firefighter, spotted the smoke and sprang into action. 

Luigi Young, who was off-duty after an overnight shift on Christmas, may have saved his neighbor's life. 

The 51-year-old homeowner had ran back into the home trying to save his pets. Young ran into the home and pulled the man out. 

The homeowner remains in intensive care with severe smoke inhalation. His two parrots survived the fire but two dogs did not.  

Young's sister posted video on Twitter Tuesday of her brother, a firefighter with Tampa Fire Rescue. Young initially tried putting out the quickly-growing fire with a garden hose when he heard the homeowner coughing. That's when Young ran in and pulled the man out. 

Responding firefighters tried to fight the fire from inside the home but the flames broke through the roof and crews had to pull back. 

The home was destroyed.