Nicole Oulson, the widow of the man shot and killed at a Wesley Chapel movie theater three years ago, took the stand Thursday morning during a hearing over whether the gunman can use a stand your ground defense.

  • DAY 4: 'Stand your ground' hearing today in Pasco movie theater shooting case
  • Curtis Reeves (2nd degree murder charges)
  • ChadĀ Oulson was shot and killed in theater in January 2014
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Curtis Reeves, 74, is facing second-degree murder charges in the shooting death of Chad Oulson on Jan. 13, 2014.

The argument between Reeves and Chad Oulson, 43, started over Oulson being on his phone during the previews of a movie. The light was apparently bothering Reeves eyes, according to officials. The argument escalated to Oulson throwing popcorn at Reeves and Reeves pulling out his pistol and shooting the younger man.

On the stand Thursday morning, Nicole Oulson described the events of that day before, during and after the shooting.

She said that as the situation began to escalate, Reeves said "turn it off now" about the cell phone.

"It felt like he (Reeves) was demanding and like (it was) an order," Nicole Oulson said, adding that her husband told Reeves to mind his own business.

Nicole Oulson, who suffered an injury to her hand during the shooting, added that her husband was more frustrated with the situation than angry or violent but continued to respond to Reeves before being shot.

Also in court Thursday morning, defense attorneys for Reeves, a retired Tampa police captain, said the Pasco County Sheriff Office's investigation was flawed.

Sheriff Chris Nocco responded to that claim by saying: "It's disappointing that the defense attorney is discrediting the professionalism of our outstanding members to deflect attention from the legal issue at hand."

Reeves' attorneys have said Chad Oulson was aggressive also and that Reeves' age changed his perception of danger. If the judge rules the shooting is a Stand Your Ground ruling, the state won't be able to try Reeves for murder.

The hearing is expected to go on for about another week.