Broadway’s biggest blockbuster and Tampa’s most popular musical is back in the Bay Area. 

  • "Wicked" comes to life at the Straz Center
  • Catch the untold story of the land of Oz through Feb. 26
  • Click here for tickets and more info

The Broadway sensation “Wicked” has returned to the Straz Center through February 26th. 

Production and stage manager David O’Brien said it takes a 100 person crew and 30 hours to set the scene.

"All the scenery that goes up in the air, that flies in and out, we'll be laying down our deck, which is our floor, which has automation in it and allows our scenery pieces to move," O’Brien said.

“Wicked” brings to life the untold story of what happened in the land of Oz before the classic tale “Wizard of Oz.” 

Two rival witches, Glinda and Elphaba meet at a university and form the unlikeliest of friendships. That is, until society decides to label one as good and the other, evil.

"It's important because it shows how society kind of creates the Wicked Witch of the West," O’Brien said.

"There are messages in the show that seem to be very prevalent in this day and age. We haven't changed the script or anything and people seem to think we have in light of things that are going on in the world," company manager Steve Quinn said.

Show managers said the plot resonates with real world struggles and situations that everyone can relate to.

"I think the story is timeless and I think it's relevant. We all have an association with the Wizard of Oz growing up with the story and to see what happens before Dorothy drops in is interesting," Quinn said.

Tickets are still available for “Wicked” at the Straz Center. 

The company will also have a lottery for $25 seats. For more information, click here.